Saturday, 31 January 2009

I've been busy lately trying to get my new treats up for sale. Here's the first of many new things to come, giant bow badges! Lovingly handmade by me these bows are super versatile and cute with the lace insert. Attach them to the collar of your t-shirt, the waistband of a high waisted skirt or your fave bag, anything you can think of! It's a easy way to update any outfit and for just a tenner!
Just click to shop if you fancy one!

What you gonna look like when you get old?

So i'm off to the Brighton Tattoo Convention tomorrow. I can't wait and i get to see my bro who i don't see half as much as i'd like. My tattooist Emma from Aurora is there, hopefully she'll be able to fit me in for a little something.... maybe it's the time of year but i really want a love letter! If i'm allowed to take pics i'll post some up, especially if i manage to get one!

True Romance

Wouldn't it be awesome to be as madly in love as Alabama and Clarence from True Romance, you're so cool, you're so cool..... sigh. Well if you have someone who can take a hint, maybe you should show them this adorable love letter necklace and if not who cares, buy it for yourself coz it looks damn cute on! 
Kisses x x x

Drum Roll.....

Hello lovely peeps!

So after being a dedicated follower of lotsa amazing bloggers out there for a super long time now i thought i should stop being lame and start my own! Here i'll be posting any news about LolaPop, keep an eye out for new treats, special offers and anything else that's going on! I'm not much of a writer but i'll be sharing lots of lovely images that i find inspiring to give you an insight into the girlie behind LolaPop. 


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