Sunday, 20 December 2009

Copy Cats =^.^=

Right, 'tis the season to be jolly and all that BUT it's time for a rant.....i've just seen that Topshop (or "freedom" and i quote..."exclusively designed for Topshop, Freedom continues to STEAL the limelight with their intricate jewellery designs) have totally ripped off my hello sailor earrings!! Now i absolutely adore Topshop and i work within the industy so i know how it all works but screwing over little independent designers is pretty low. Thankfully it's a terrible copy but come on Topshop, cut out the copy cats and give Lolapop a concessions stand in your Oxford Street store. You have been named and shamed!! Tut tut!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Yuummm Candy Cane

I know it's only October but here's the flyer for the Sheffield Candy Cane (...dare i say it) *Christmas* Fair, jeees look at it in all it's festive glory!! I've got an urge to go and change all my stands to red and white but i don't want to peak too early. I'll save the festive excitement until after bonfire night. Oh all that thinking of Christmas has given me the urge to watch home alone!

Anyway if you're near by be sure to try and make it down, the last one had some amazing stalls and i'm sure this one will be even better! There'll also be some LolaPop goodies that aren't available on the website so come check it out! Intrigued?? You should be! x

Proud Parent

LolaPop is featured in this weeks NME magazine! This is very exciting indeed!!
I've had lots of lovely bloggers writing about my stuff but this is a proper mag!! Whoooplaaa!!
Aww and Elizabeth Duke's not so bad, a girls gota love a bit of trash now and again!
x x x

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

It was so long ago now but....

Jeees i'm so rubbish!! I did a market at Brick Lane ages ago now and never wrote about it...but anyway, better late than never i guess!! It was so much fun to meet so many lovely customers and other traders. The table was HUGE but luckily my very talented boyfriend made me some stands so my little acrylic treats didn't look too lost on there. It was a challenge not to spend my money as i was making it, lots of lovely things to buy.

Oh and whilst i'm going on about markets i'll be at the Candy Cane market up in Sheffield on November 28th and 29th, so excited!! So come get your christmas shopping done early or of course treat yourself to something!

Ahhhh Zooey

So the adorable Zooey Deschanel is married. She didn't sell her wedding which is why she is so frikin awesome BUT the dress? I am so desperate to see it, i bet it was the cutest damn wedding dress ever made. We may never see it, and good on them for keeping their special day a private affair. Here's to you Zooey and Ben, the most perfect indie couple there ever was! x x x

This video is the sweetest......fact!

Sunday, 14 June 2009

LolaPop will be at the Craft Candy summer fair in Sheffield on the 18th of July. Come and say hi girlies and maybe pick yourself up an adorable treat!! I'm so super excited since this is my first fair, can't wait to see some lovely faces instead of a computer screen. x x x

Saturday, 18 April 2009

i heart legs

One of my favorite blogs that i check up on every day is the super adorable Elinkan. She has the most awesome white blonde hair and her style is too cute, and i think she's only like 17!! Huff Puff!! Anyway, i saw today on her blog that she has tights like the LolaPop kooky legs necklace!!! But she's wearing grey shoes which is so much better than black don't you think....hmmm maybe i should do that and pretend i did it first....


Thursday, 26 March 2009

New Treats!!!

Tis very exciting indeed at LolaPop, finally the new goodies are up for sale on the shop! Yey!! I hope you girlies love them all! It's the first bunch of many so i'll keep you updated on any new bits and bobs that go on. I know a mum shouldn't pick favorites but i'm super happy with the new earrings, and if you want any of them personalised to say anything you desire just let me know...oh and for no extra cost!! 

How awesome does my good friend Livvy look, ahh to be beautiful and a sweet heart too! Thanks doll face for another cute set of photos! 

x x x

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Watch this space...

Lovely, pretty, cute, new new new treats coming to the shop soon!!
x x x

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Oh you pretty things...

The fabulous Sam from the awesome website Sassi Sam ( check it out if you haven't already girlies) totally hooked me up with an amazing opportunity in Sydney. For Australia day Famous Magazine and the Ivy put on a VIP pool party for the sooper dooper beautiful people to be merry, drink champers, have a bit of a splish splash whilst looking drop dead gorgeous of course! Can you believe it, models were paid to be at the party (boohoo i know!) and Sam was dressing them with her jewellery and she so kindly wanted to add some LolaPop pieces. Thanks a million Sam, you're a star! Here's some piccys courtesy of the lovely Sam....x x x

Saturday, 31 January 2009

I've been busy lately trying to get my new treats up for sale. Here's the first of many new things to come, giant bow badges! Lovingly handmade by me these bows are super versatile and cute with the lace insert. Attach them to the collar of your t-shirt, the waistband of a high waisted skirt or your fave bag, anything you can think of! It's a easy way to update any outfit and for just a tenner!
Just click to shop if you fancy one!

What you gonna look like when you get old?

So i'm off to the Brighton Tattoo Convention tomorrow. I can't wait and i get to see my bro who i don't see half as much as i'd like. My tattooist Emma from Aurora is there, hopefully she'll be able to fit me in for a little something.... maybe it's the time of year but i really want a love letter! If i'm allowed to take pics i'll post some up, especially if i manage to get one!

True Romance

Wouldn't it be awesome to be as madly in love as Alabama and Clarence from True Romance, you're so cool, you're so cool..... sigh. Well if you have someone who can take a hint, maybe you should show them this adorable love letter necklace and if not who cares, buy it for yourself coz it looks damn cute on! 
Kisses x x x

Drum Roll.....

Hello lovely peeps!

So after being a dedicated follower of lotsa amazing bloggers out there for a super long time now i thought i should stop being lame and start my own! Here i'll be posting any news about LolaPop, keep an eye out for new treats, special offers and anything else that's going on! I'm not much of a writer but i'll be sharing lots of lovely images that i find inspiring to give you an insight into the girlie behind LolaPop. 


x x x