Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Yuummm Candy Cane

I know it's only October but here's the flyer for the Sheffield Candy Cane (...dare i say it) *Christmas* Fair, jeees look at it in all it's festive glory!! I've got an urge to go and change all my stands to red and white but i don't want to peak too early. I'll save the festive excitement until after bonfire night. Oh all that thinking of Christmas has given me the urge to watch home alone!

Anyway if you're near by be sure to try and make it down, the last one had some amazing stalls and i'm sure this one will be even better! There'll also be some LolaPop goodies that aren't available on the website so come check it out! Intrigued?? You should be! x

Proud Parent

LolaPop is featured in this weeks NME magazine! This is very exciting indeed!!
I've had lots of lovely bloggers writing about my stuff but this is a proper mag!! Whoooplaaa!!
Aww and Elizabeth Duke's not so bad, a girls gota love a bit of trash now and again!
x x x